About the Village Victory Cup

The Village Victory Cup (VVC) is a fun-filled day of camaraderie and friendly competition between senior living communities affiliated with Presbyterian Villages of Michigan. VVC is unique because it brings people together for a reason: to win the VVC trophy and bragging rights for their community. It fosters a sense of team, community and connection that brings people together unlike any other event of its kind. Residents earn points for their communities by competing against one another in a variety of stimulating and challenging events designed to foster health and wellbeing. Throughout the day, communities also vie for the coveted Spirit Award, which is presented to the community that displays the most spirit and sportsmanship during the competition. At the end of the day, the community that earns the most points wins the prized Village Victory Cup trophy and bragging rights for the year.

In 2020 and 2021, PVM conducted the Village Victory Cup “virtually” due to COVID-19, which required staff members to put in a lot of extra effort to ensure that the residents had the opportunity to continue participating in this time honored PVM tradition. In 2021, we had 260 residents participate from 17 different communities compared to 256 residents from 15 communities in 2020. Below is a table with the breakdown by age group of this year’s participants along with a graphic representation of participation by age group. It’s great to see broad representation across all the age groups, from the youngest to the oldest! This year the oldest competitor was 97!

Participation by Age Group
64 & Under 65-74 75-84 85-89 90 & Over Unknown
23 87 81 33 23 13
A chart displaying VVC participation by age group
2021 Village Victory Cup - Participation by Age Group

Now for the winner! In one of the closest competitions since the inception of the Village Victory Cup, the Village of Westland squeaked out the victory just 8.5 points ahead of runner up Oakland Woods! Coming in third was The Village of Hampton Meadows, which is believed to be their best finish to date. Below is the order of finish for the 17 communities that participated in this year’s Village Victory Cup.

Community Points Place
Westland 551.00 1
Oakland Woods 542.50 2
Hampton Meadows 460.00 3
Our Saviour's Manor 419.00 4
St. Martha's 417.00 5
East Harbor 411.00 6
Court Street 408.50 7
Peace Manor 403.00 8
Lynn Street Manor 395.00 9
Oakman Manor 380.00 10
Harmony Manor 377.00 11
Redford 335.00 12
Sage Grove 256.00 13
Warren Glenn 245.00 14
Brush Park Manor 235.00 15
Lake Huron Woods 235.00 15
Perry Farm 130.00 17

As for the Spirit Award, based on the “What Does Wellness Mean to Me?” videos submitted by the communities that chose to enter this event, the judges determined that the community whose residents showed the most spirit while playing the games that comprised the Village Victory Cup was The Village of Oakland Woods! Congratulations to The Village of Westland, The Village of Oakland Woods and all who participated in the 2021 Village Victory Cup!

The Real Impact of the Village Victory Cup

Over the years, in addition to providing our residents with a fun-filled day of fellowship and friendly competition, PVM has discovered that the Village Victory Cup has been influencing and motivating behavior change. In a 2019 survey of participating residents, nearly two-thirds of respondents indicated that they were more physically and mentally active as a result of participating in the Village Victory Cup and that they had met someone new. Additionally, nearly three-fourths reported that they practice regularly for the Village Victory Cup and that they were more socially active as a result of participating in the event. Lastly, when asked if they would recommend the Village Victory Cup to someone else, nearly 9 in 10 respondents replied with a resounding yes.

2019 VVC Participant Survey Results (n = 212)
More Physically Active 64.93%
More Socially Active 72.04%
More Mentally Active 65.4%
Met Someone New 63.33%
Practice Regularly 73.93%
Recommend VVC 88.21%